hey blog,


what is up?! happy 2015. yada yada.

it's a snowy morning and i am home. i started going through my Photo Booth app on my mac, and just found all these old pictures. they're not even super old..maybe 2 or 3 years. i wanted to post about this though, because i look back at these and think "wow, i really like my hair..or my skin looked great!" i remember back then, i would complain about my hair..or i fixated on my skin SO MUCH..and honestly, i looked pretty good. has anyone else noticed that they're aging...even if it's only been a couple of years.

i definitely look different today, than i did a couple of years ago. i can't really tell you what is different...but i do. last month, i had A LOT of time to myself..and i was just staring at my face shape in the mirror thinking " WHY DO I LOOK WEIRD AND DIFFERENT." (it's what happens when you're a pet-sitter...you have A LOT of ME time) i even started asking Ant if i looked different. he laughed. (as per usssssual)

i write all these entries for myself..so i guess when i read this in the future..to remember to appreciate myself at my current state. i'm sure when i turn 30, i will look back to selfies taken this year and be like "YOU LOOK AWESOME."