i listen to a lot of podcasts, but one of my favorites is The Writer's Panel on the Nerdist network. it's moderated by ben blacker and it features panels of writers, comics, directors, show runners and they discuss different shows, writing topics the industry etc. so, when i was listening to an episode back in november i heard him mention the atx television festival. i never heard of it before and so i googled it. i was instantly in love. there seems to be festivals for everything but this was the first tv festival..and i am a lover of television. i knew i had to attend. at the time, jamo and i were writing and collaborating on different ideas and we were going to enter their pitch competition. yes. that is right. you submit your idea for a tv show and if you are picked to be in the final 10 you get to present your idea to the panel at the festival. super cool! well, we didn't quite come up with a solid idea, so i suggested we sign up to volunteer. ant was in too. we filled out the application in february and anxiously awaited to hear back. volunteering meant that if you were chosen, you got to attend the festival for free and just had to work 4 shifts. no. big deal. 

at first, if we didn't get into the program we were going to go anyway. but, we all were tight on money so we decided we would only go if we got chosen as volunteers.....wellllll, in the beginning of april, we all got the email that we were chosen!

i was so excited. 

i was so excited for SO many reasons. 1. to attend this festival. 2. to visit austin. 3. A CHANGE OF SCENERY.

we booked our trip for june 4th-8th.

it was one of the best weekends of my life. i loved every minute of it.. (except for that my feet blew up! they were huge) the shifts were awesome, the other volunteers were awesome, the staff could not have been nicer, we partied, we ate good food and mingled with some great actors. oh, and of course attended panels and the premiere of Legends and an episode of Fargo, A  Conversation with Carlton Cuse, Pairing Off: A Look at Co-Creating and Writing Partners that featured Ray Romano,/Mike Royce, Emily Helpern, Kerry Ehrin and Andy Daly. #SpoilerAlert was presented by Netflix. The panel discussed how dealing with spoilers effects how we watch TV. That also had an awesome panel: Uzo Aduba, Beau Willimon, Nick Wechsler, Kerry Ehrin, Tim Goodman and Eric Pallotta. 


it was also so inspiring. the festival was started by two young women. the festival's staff was also primarily women. you just felt like you were in a creative, positive environment. something that i've been craving. 

i can't wait for next year!