actors make great listeners.

last night was my second acting class. we have a new teacher, andy got a role in the city. our new teacher's name is joe. he seems cool.

a bunch of people were missing from last night's class, so it was relatively small. in our first exercise he split us into two groups. one group had to do a pose and freeze, and the other group had to walk up and start a scenario from the pose. it was a little tricky and definitely had to make you think fast..but also to not over think it.  the theme of the night was : who are you, what do you want from the person, and where are you. you want to help your partner if their struggling. he also wanted us to avoid asking questions for when our time was up for us to start the scene. it's a lot harder than it seems. you have to re-word what you originally wanted to say. i found myself doing that..like instead of saying " can we go get coffee?" (during one of my  little skits. i started off bent over with my arms dangling, and my partner started with "i can't believe you fell asleep in public again")  to "let's get coffee." he wanted us to talk in statements..not questions. 

like last class, another big point was listening. you have to listen. actors make great listeners. i think this will be a really good practice for me even in my own life. i find that i am a good listener, but sometimes at work, at a party or even on my podcast, i found myself constantly thinking about what to say next or how to plan out the next scene. you have to let things happen organically.