2014 was really an awesome year. It was actually one of the best ones yet for me. I feel like I had a lot of personal growth and came to a lot of conclusions. Like any year, there were ups & downs..but I am grateful for the downs. They put things into perspective and make you question what matters, what doesn't, and how to move forward. I've let a lot of things go and have welcomed acceptance.

I love doing my year end wrap ups. It is nice to look back and see what I have really done and achieved. 




I remember January really clearly. I started the year off sick...and we got lots of snow. There were three shows that I became obsessed with. Downton Abbey, Episodes & Opposite Words on Syfy. I also signed up for acting classes...and broke vegetarianism on salmon. This was HUGE for me. It took me awhile to get used to eating it too. This brought on salmon nights with my Tenio ladies. They prepared it delicious ways.


I attended my first acting class. While driving to every class I also would ask myself "WHY AM I DOING THIS?!" But, I always felt good that I challenged myself. Our friends Matt & Caitie got married. They had the most magical wedding, with all Harry Potter accents. I also discovered cat iPad games..we had fun with those.


 mmmm chocolate paired with wine..

mmmm chocolate paired with wine..

Birthday month! I turned big ol 27. I felt really good about it too. On my actual birthday, I drank GF dogfish head beer and made Sam watch The OC with me. Ant got me sweet tattly tattoos and we went wine tasting.


We finally started to experience warmer weather. Liss had just turned 25 so Sam, Ingy and I took her wine tasting. It was one of the best/funniest days of the year. This is also the month that I really got into pet photography and photographed so many adorable pets. 

It is also the month that Ant, Jamo and I got the emails that we were accepted into the volunteer program for ATX festival. This was SO EXCITING.


We celebrated Sam's 25th with a fun house party. Donnie & Jackie got married and I tried shrimp for the first time. I saw Chelsea Peretti in nyc with Jamo. Kaela and I took an awesome terrarium class<3

Memorial Day had such beautiful weather and it was the first bocce ball game of the season. (sadly, we barely played this summer) :( 

This month was also totally awesome because my buddies, Dan & Jason & I started a production company! Low Tide Productions was born. 


 ew foot piccc

ew foot piccc

The month started with going to Austin and experiencing one of the greatest trips of my life. Jamo, Ant & I had so much fun, you can read about it here.

Ant & I celebrated 6 years! We celebrated with a yum dinner and drinks in Huntington.

My guilty pleasure of Big Brother had returned to my life. OBSESSED.

Krista & I decided to get spontaneous tattoos. 


2014 continued..