i have been a vegetarian since august, 5th 2000. 

i became a vegetarian because of a fishing trip that my family and i were on.


i have battled..and i mean battled with skin issues...acne to be more precise, since i was 10 years old. it has definitely gotten better..but it effects me every single day of my life. i have screamed, cried, been depressed over it, Obsessed over it and it has definitely lowered my confidence through the years. i now still deal with it and am more open about it. i have no shame talking about it and i am always researching tips. i have gone on different food diets, tried tons of topical treatments...and antibiotics as well and nothing has really really cleared it 100%. 


i've always wondered if i would one day eat meat or fish. i would be such a different lifestyle would be turned upside down and i felt like i wouldn't be me. about 6 months ago or so during my research..and of course i've always known this..but i read in a  magazine how people who suffered with acne..when they ate 2 servings of salmon a week their acne decreased dramatically. for some reason, that blurb in a that magazine, stook with me. i then would think about salmon, and would dream about it. I'M NOT KIDDING. i would see it on menus, on people's plates and my mouth would water. i really liked the IDEA of salmon. THE IDEA. i then started thinking about eating it. i didn't tell anyone right away because i didn't to be attacked with a million questions or even hear anything stupid like "how can you eat fish?! you're a vegetarian?" i finally expressed it but i didn't want to try it until i was mentally ready and okay with it. like, i didn't want to eat it too soon, and my brain screw up the experience. MIND OVER MATTER.

(did you ever think there would be such a battle with eating new foods?!)

i started surveying people around my about how to eat salmon for the first time. cooked? sushi? at home? out at a restaurant?

after much research on my part, and help from friends i decided that on saturday, january 25th 2014 would be MICHELLE EATS SALMON DAY. ant came over on friday and i said we are buying salmon tomorrow and i am going to prepare it and eat it. he responded with: (i will now show you in emoticon)



so we made the trip to whole foods where i felt so AWK at the fish counter. i mean even just asking for it was so WEIRD. i have never had to get or pick out fish before..i mean it was weird and i almost felt dirty hahhahah doing it.

salmon collage.jpg

i'm not going to lie..cutting it at home before seasoning it, made me feel a little nauceas. if i really thought about what i was mind would start racing and i had to tell it to shut up. i ended up baking it with oil, lemon, garlic and seasonings. ant's never cooked salmon so it was the blind leading the blind but it was good! it came out a little too dry, due to me overcooking it..but it was good and i already have my next recipe lined up. 

salmon, i am putting a lot of faith in you to help me with my skin. i am thankful for you and i hope we can make this work.