do you speak to your pets like they're humans or members of your family?


last night i drank an awesome hotty toddy..(it's so fun to say..might even be as much fun as it is to drink one) and ant and i fell into a pretty deep sleep. at 2am jake, the boston terrier of my house, starts pacing my bedroom floor. actually..i should probably back UP. mom is away for 3 weeks and jake is attached to her at the hip and my pets pretty much do not know how to function without her..


OKAY. so it's 2 am and jake wakes me up so i let him outside to use the lavatory and kino, the golden retriever of the house goes with him. kino, he is like my big dumb smelly brother. i love him..but he annoys the shit out of me. so i let them back in the house and go back to bed. kino, then starts ignore..or hope that my sister will get out of bed, but NO. so i go downstairs again..this time cursing at him asking what's IS his problem...etc. i let him outside again..and what is he doing?1





I now am about to lose it and tell him to get back in the house, i go back to bed. KINO STARTS BARKING AGAIN.

you know when you're going crazy and you just laugh..but it's not because something is just can't express anything else besides this crazy laughter? that was it.

i leave my bed, and jake is at the top of the stairs and from what i can assume, making faces at kino. i go downstairs and they both run to their food dishes like it's fucking breakfast time. UM.

i then bring them both upstairs and tell them to get in my room and lay the eff down. at this point, all three of my little meows are yodeling at me so they can eat. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

kino, then looks out my door and is eyeing the cat food. i turn to him and say" are you fucking kidding me?" "you cannot be serious."

i close the door, get back into bed and finally fall asleep after kino stops licking himself.



don't get me wrong, i absolutely love animals. i am a pet-sitter! but kino, you drive me nuts.