When I think back to the beginning of July, especially July 4, it seems like that was so long ago..yet it feels like July flew by. It's always that way, right?

// Marathon Pet-sitting and the 4th

The first weekend of July was insane-o in terms of pet-sitting. I called Saturday, the 2nd, marathon pet-sitting day. I had 11 visits to go to, it included 3 different houses, all dogs. It was intense but made it through. Ant, as always, is a champ for keeping me company.

That Sunday, Ingrid invited us over for her family's annual July 4th party and it was so much fun. Ingrid's family are party people. They party for days straight, eat great food and dance into the night.

// Pokemon' Go happened

I have to mention Pokemon Go. It has taken over lives.

// Weekend getaways are a MUST

After traveling all last summer, I have been craving a vacation. We planned a weekend trip to Delaware to visit Ant's cousin Stacey & her husband, Anthony. (two Ants! ha!)  It was a blast and it was very much needed. As we were driving, I became reminiscent of last summer and it felt so good. I really do love road trips and I discovered that last year. Ant loves to drive & I love to play passenger. We make a great team! DE was fun. We ate delectable food, drank good beer, held great conversation & even did some kayaking. I can't wait to go back and check out other towns around where they live during off season. Stacey sent us home with the Hamilton sound track. #obsessed 

// Gettin' my kitten fix

Last winter, Ant & I decided that we were going to adopt a kitten to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary (one year is the kitten anniversary, right?) June came and we decided that we just weren't ready for "Soley & Liam to not be the center of our lives." That's a direct quote from Anthony.


I started volunteering one morning a week for AWAP RESCUE. They have a cat adoption center in Petsmart and I have wanted to do this for a very long time. It has been fun! I love smooching' up all the kitties when I see them. It's a lovely way to start the week.

// No Pay, Nudity

Every year, Stony Brook University holds a film festival that I love to attend. Mom, Ant & I watched the short Gas Regulator and the feature, No Pay, Nudity. It had a huge turn out! Even Nathan Lane was in the audience. Pretty dope! One thing I always wonder though...how come young people don't attend the festival? or maybe I'm missing them? Every time I have gone I feel like I am one of the few youngest in the room. I have no problem with it, I just don't know why my peers aren't interested in going.

// Tree Hill Talk is going strong!

Tree Hill Talk, the podcast I co-host with Ingrid & Liss is going SO WELL.  We successfully had a live stream episode of us watching the finale of Season 1 and also streamed us recording our talk portion for our podcast. We had people commenting & engaging live which was super cool. Our FB page has over 4,000 likes and we have 16 reviews on iTunes too! This whole experience has just been very exciting and enjoyable. Now, for some OTH talk: We're now on Season 2. I'm still waiting to love Brooke and I'm still rooting for Peyton & Lucas. 

// RIP Honey

Our last remaining, original family pet, Honey past away the last weekend in July. She was 17 years old. She was a sweet girl. As sad as we are, it is nice to know that she went peacefully and did not suffer. It's so hard losing a pet. Honey was Sam's cat and they had a wonderful bond. 

//Strawberry Fields Forever

Enjoy. :D