I ALWAYS have the intention to update my blog more frequently than when it actually happens. I mean, I wrote that in the last post as well. I really don't have this thing for readers or to gain followers but it's more for me to have an archive of events, stories and rambles that I like to keep. I love having a record. I do have an actual pen-paper journal that I use ( not as much as I should! GAH) but I like having it online. There are times when Ant or I will forget something from the past and he'll say "Look it up! Let's consult your blogs!" (I have so many, haha) that it's nice to look back on. It kind of reminds me of when I was younger and my dad video recorded EVERYTHING. Birthdays, vacations, school concerts..even just my sister and I playing around the house. I'm so glad he did that because it's nice to look back and view those memories again. I like reflecting visually. Our memories are a wonderful thing, but to actually relive an event is a total different experience. 

With all that being said, I plan on doing monthly round ups. I can handle that. Maybe in the future it will increase. 

I started my site over 2 years ago..but set a different intention for this blog one year ago. Ant and I set out on our honeymoon journey. I cannot believe that it has been a year. If anyone would like to relive it with me, you can start here.

Now onto my favorites from June.

// ATX Television Festival

Man, do I love ATX. It is so damn hard to put into words on how to sum up my experience there. I wish I could bottle up the energy and the feeling and then release it so it can speak for me. This was our (Anthony, Jameson and I) third year attending as volunteers. It's such a kick-ass festival celebrating (in my opinion) the best medium in a great city. The energy and excitement of the festival is invigorating. Honestly, it's a place that I feel at home. Summer camp for adults! The best part about this festival is the people. I love the people that run it and I love the volunteers that we get to work with. It's like a reunion when we all see each other. It's also a reunion with Jameson too. We don't see him very often and we just have so much fun with him. So many laughs. 


// Living Your Dreams

What a great segue on my part to lead to this. I am still going strong with my podcast, In Your Dreams, but it's been hard this month because I haven't really been remembering my dreams! While in Austin, I was hoping that one of us would have a dream that we could record about but no one seemed to have anything good. That inspired the idea for a new segment called Living Your Dreams. It will include fun/special events that happen while I'm actually awake.

// NOT binge watching is REFRESHING

I should start by saying that, yes, I am still taking part in the binge watch culture. However, there is one show in my life that I am approaching totally different. A couple of months ago, Ingrid, a long time lover of One Tree Hill suggested that Liss and I watch it. We both have never seen it and decided that once Liss was done with school and our other shows ended for the season we would start OTH and have a podcast about it. Tree Hill Talk was born! We started in the middle of May, but it took until this month for me to really love the way we are approaching this. We watch two episodes at a time and then record right after summarizing the episode and sharing our thoughts. I LOVE IT. I love that we aren't bingeing this show. I love that we are actually DISCUSSING IT. Digging deep into the characters, the plot lines and how we feel week to week. It's so lovely and refreshing to view a show like this. Since this is an old show that is on Netflix, it would be your perfect binge watch. Not for this lady.

// Roof top parties & summer concerts

We spent last weekend in CT with Amy & Alex. They live in Milford in a beautiful apartment. Amy has such an eye for decor, that it is inspiring. In her building she has access to the roof top so her and Alex through a little roof top shindig. It was a blast.

I experienced my first time at Jones Beach theatre this month with Ingrid. She invited me to go see Taking Back Sunday & Dashboard Confessional. HOLY THROW BACK. Talk about reliving memories. It's insane how quickly a song can bring you back, right?

// The return of Big Brother

It's summer and that means that the dumb show on CBS, Big Brother is back! It's my summer guilty pleasure. I'm really not one for reality TV but this one does interest me. Imagine being stuck in a house for set amount of months and you have to make relationships and manipulate? I like seeing how these people handle themselves and like to think of what I would do. I used to watch it when I was a kid and I can't believe it's still on. WHO ELSE IS WATCHING?! Get at me. 

// One year of marriage

On the 26th, Ant and I celebrated our one year of marriage..or how I like to look at it: our eight year anniversary. To me, that is WAY more impressive than the first year of marriage. EIGHT YEARS! I found it funny that through out this year people always asked me " How is married life?" Um..it's the same as not married life? Do people actually have different answers for this? Nothing changed except for the awesome tax break and I didn't really learn anything new. Ant is still my favorite human, my best friend and our relationship is what I am most proud of in my life. We celebrated by having dinner at The Fifth Season (fun fact: it's where we had our wedding dinner) and wore our wedding garb. Everything still fits and still looks perf.

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