Today, I welcome 29 with open arms. I mean, it was coming whether I "welcomed" it or not. It's my last year in twenties and it's exciting, and also feels like I'm going to expire at the same time.

For the most part, I usually enjoy my birthdays. To me, they begin a new year for myself. Jan 1st is the world's new year..but I tend to make resolutions on my personal birthday.

I've made a couple of goals for myself for this year, but I wanted to share what I found this morning.

Five or so years ago, Kyle, John, Sam (she didn't make one) and I sat around my mom's kitchen table and complied our 30 before 30 lists. At the time, I remember writing down a mix of tasks..some that were a little ridiculous and some that were definitely achievable.

My list is written on loose leaf in pencil and it's funny to think of the things you thought you would want to accomplish. Anyway..for your is my list. I am going to write it out as I jotted it down.

30 Things Before I Turn 30

  1. Move Out
  2. Sky Dive.
  3. Publish coffee table book.
  4. Start an Etsy shop.
  5. Visit The OC and HP Studios
  6. Become well versed in typography.
  7. Have vegan softserve
  8. Flash mob
  9. Learn another language.
  10. Have a butt.
  11. Get another tattoo
  12. Clip/coupon as much as possible.
  13. Give away prizes to a huge audience.
  14. Shark dive
  15. Play tennis
  16. Visit The Grand Canyon
  17. Learn more about different camera lenses.
  18. Beat Lost Levels.
  19. Have a vegetable garden.
  20. Visit all the states I have not been.
  21. Visit Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty
  22. Speak at a benefit/production.
  23. Stay in a castle.
  24. Scuba dive.
  25. Go swing dancing
  26. Go canoeing
  27. Make an awesome youtube video
  28. Become a professional pet photographer.
  29. Get a VW.
  30. Find a way to drink without getting sick

Pretty funny, right? Some of these I have kind of achieved.. I know a good amount about typefaces, I have visited a lot of states and I definitely am happy to report that I can drink without getting sick. (No joke, there was a time where I would have the tiniest amount of alcohol and would throw up.) I am working on my pet photography..and as always...working on building my Gluteus Maximus. (it's just so flat back there!)

How have I not played tennis?! I still really want to give away prizes to a large audience. People always laugh at this one..but, I love when events or tv hosts giveaway prizes and gifts. I don't even want the gifts! It's not about's that giving feeling and it just looks like fun! Plus, that adrenaline is so probably ride it for days. I truly feel blessed with what I have. I may not have much dough, but I feel so rich in life.

Cheers to my last year in my twenties!