Az & The Grand Canyon.

After Zion, we made the beautiful drive to Flagstaff where we stayed in our final Airbnb of the trip. We stayed in an awesome apartment that we had to ourselves. It had a full kitchen and laundry! It was quiet and clean and an amazing price. 

In Az, we explored Flagstaff (obvi), Sedona & The Grand Canyon. After the whole Zion debacle, we were extra prepared for our hiking trips. In Sedona, we hiked Soldiers Pass. It was a nice way to spend the morning, and then we had drinks in honor of Harry Potter's birthday. 


The Grand Canyon was a humorous adventure. We only had one day to spend there, so we got up at 2:30am to head to watch the sunrise over the canyon. We were so prepared with extra water, food, jackets and sunscreen. WELL. it rained that day..and it was overcast and really chilly. I was shivering. We were present for when the sun did rise..but it wasn't much of a sight. Since it was raining we didn't really hike either. We drove to the different look out points instead. 

I have to mention that we had really good food and coffee in Flagstaff. One night we ate at this vegan place that was so cheap and delicious. We also had really good Indian food.