The last stop.

This is my last post of our road trip! Wow. 

We spent the last three days of our trip with Krista & Adam (and my bunny neice & nephew) in Greensburg, Pa. They just bought a new house and I was SO EXCITED to visit. Their house is just wonderful. It's pretty much perfect.

I loved being their house guest. I can't wait to visit again. Any time I am with Krista for a long period of time, it makes leaving that much harder. 

During our trip, we helped her around the house (mostly Ant), explored her neighborhood, and visited cool places in Pittsburgh. 

enjoy this incredibly boring yet hilarious (IMO) video of us opening the umbrella for the first time. slo-mo makes everything funny.

In Pittsburgh we:

-got donuts and  popcorn (for me)

-visited Randyland a quick stop, but cool to see. 

-  Bicycle Heaven has a ton of bikes, and a blacklight room for you to have a dance party in

 - Church Brew Works. a church converted into a brewery. nuff said.


I'm not sure what town Sweet Buzz was in, but they had amazing coffee and I have been craving the Jamacian Me Crazy. Krista, I'm on my way.