One night in Denver.

I have been home from this journey for a month and 3 days..and still haven't finished writing about it. The main reason is because I don't want it to end! Once it is all logged and archived, it's officially over. 

...BUT THEN..I get to write about Mexico! (duhhh. c'mon now. we totally needed a vacation after 5 weeks of adventuring) honestly, we did this whole wedding thing right. I'll write about my wedding story one day. Now, onto Denver.

We started our trip in Denver, but didn't really spend anytime there. We also had to end in Denver  due to having to return our car. (Way cheaper to return your car to the exact location from where you rented it from.)

Last time I was here, I visited Boulder and went to Celestial Seasonings for their tour. I told Ant we had to go because it's a fun tour and it's free! yay! free! After the tour, we explored Pearl Street and shopped. We ended the night with lot's of margaritas (They were $3!) and relaxed in the hotel room. I remember this night so clearly because we had so much shit to pack. We pretty much were living out of our rented Hyundai Accent instead of our suitcases.

We had an early flight and I was really sad to leave the western region of the country that we have been exploring. However, getting to spend 3 days with Krista&Adam made leaving a whole lot better. I was really excited to see their new house and to actually spend time with them.