We slept real good in Vegas.

After spending a full two weeks in California we were actually really bummed to leave. I know I definitely left a piece of my heart there. CA, you are so cool. I will be dreaming of you. 

We spent our last morning in San Diego doing laundry, ate giant ACAI bowls (probably our most healthy breakfast of the whole trip) and for lunch we stopped at In-N-Out Burger. It was OK.


..however, how bummed can you be when your next stop on the fantastic #michandantgowest tour is viva Las Vegas?!

The last time I visited Vegas, I was 13. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and saw The Blue Man Group. I knew if I went back as an adult, I would see it through different eyes.


EH. not really.

Vegas can be overwhelming when you first arrive. WHERE DO WE GO? HOW DO WE GET OUT OF THE LOBBY? WHY DOES IT KEEP GOING?! WHERE DO I LOOK?!

We didn't really drink. We didn't party. We didn't see any shows (we really didn't have enough time). We DID eat at two buffets (one was with my dear friend Al & his lady Tracy), rode the roller coaster at NY NY, rode a zipline through the RIO towers, visited Television City to test out a new CBS comedy called Angel From Hell, go to the aquarium at Mandalay Bay and I won $70 on a cat themed penny slot. This is why cats rule, ladies & gents. I also had a bitchin' lobster roll from Del's.

We stayed in the Aria which had the most comfortable bed. It definitely wins the award for best sleep on our 5 weeks away.

please enjoy our lack of enthusiasm on this ride


If I were to return to Vegas, I would want to go with a big, fun group.