Redondo Pier.

If anyone knows me, they are aware that The OC is my favorite show of all time. I told Ant way before we had this trip planned that if we were ever to go to California, we would have to visit the Redondo Pier because that is where the diner from the show is located. It is also where they used a lot of their pier shots..and the exterior shot for the Bait House. (the bait house is no longer..but I saw the ground of where it once stood.)

After a 45 minute drive to the pier (we had to take our Hollywood sign pic first) we approached the diner. 

The outside of the diner has been painted, but the inside is exactly the same. It was fantastic. Besides us, there was only one other couple so Ant and I got to take our pics and discuss where the characters sat in different episodes. Ant got a milkshake and I had an awesome bubble tea. 

After we had our drinks, we walked around the pier and made jokes about how we should have a bike like Ryan & a skateboard like Seth.