*I am sad to say that we are home from our trip. I can't believe that it went this fast and after months of excitement and planning, it is all over. It's such a whirlwind to be back..but now join me as I post and remember the remaining of our trip*

We spent four days in LA. Our Airbnb was awesome and we had the entire flat to ourselves. It was located in Hollywood and our host provided parking for us which was a major plus! We had dinner one night with Erica, who was the producer on a small project I worked on in 2010. That was awesome because I haven't seen her since then. We also got to have breakfast at EAT (the food was da bomb!) with our ATX buds Alison & Layan. 

 yay! Atx reunion

yay! Atx reunion


During our days, we explored:

Universal Studios

Universal was a lot of fun. Their backlot studio tour is so so good. They added on a couple of new things since the last time I was there in 2000. I am not a Fast & Furious fan, but there is a really cool ride attached to the tour that has to do with Fast & Furious and it was awesome. The park is pretty small and definitely do-able in one day. My favorite part though was Springfield. 


Warner Brothers Studio Tour

This was a great tour. We got to walk around the different lots, the prop warehouse, and visit their Batman & Harry Potter displays. They also recently opened up an interactive part called Stage 48: script to screen. This is where we got to sit in Central Perk and Ant got to fly. Our guide was really cool. She took Ant & I to go see some old Gilmore Girls stuff, like Miss Patty's, Lorelai's house & Sookie's. (both are now used for houses for two of the girls on Pretty Little Liars)m I didn't get to walk around what was Stars Hollow because PLLs was filming. 


 We were really excited for Disneyland. We had a blast but it does not compare to Disney World.