Yellowstone, I love the way you smell (except for the sulfur parts)

I wish I could hug and kiss this place. It is so majestic and jaw dropping. If you haven’t gone, GO. NOW. Book your trip. You have no excuse…literally there is no excuse so don’t even start… I was here when I was a kid but I didn’t appreciate it and I barely remember it.

Both mornings we started out wearing hoodies and blasting the heat in the car. #july

Our first day was spent exploring the geysers, hot springs, Old Faithful and driving around Yellowsone Lake. ( Britt gave us a selfie stick, and it rules. Ant took amazing pictures with it)

yellowstone national park.

This July 4th was my favorite thus far. We spent it hiking the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Holy Bajolies. We sure got a workout. We hiked the South Rim first, which included Uncle Tom’s Trail.  This trail included a 300 step down into the canyon to view the Lower Falls. 

The North Rim included breathtaking view points and a steep trail that went down 600 feet to the brink of the Lower Falls.

Enjoy the pics..but honestly it does not do it justice. You really will just have to experience it yourself.