Light Painting in Half Moon Bay

PCH, here we come! 

We spent three days driving down the coast on the PCH. We spent nights in Monterey, Cambria and Santa Barbara. It was a really nice way to do it, and I'm glad we took the time instead of just making one long trip from SF to LA. We stopped as much as possible to just take in the sights and take photos. The photos really don't do it justice. Ya'll should just book a trip right now to CA and drive it yourselves. I'll provide some imagery though.

Half Moon Bay was our first pit stop. It was such a cute little town with boutique shops. We stumbled into a gallery and there was a free exhibit called Paying It Forward: Featuring Light Painting. The artist was Stuart Nafey. It was so cool! The interactive exhibit was in a dark room with a photographer and color light pens, and other light tools.  The artists would take your picture and then draw around you with the lights. The result was pretty cool!

Monterey was pretty. We explored Cannary Row which was so crowded from a motorcycle meetup. My favorite part was watching the sunset at Alisomar State Beach.