San Francisco

I found myself really intrigued with SF. It's hilly, and pretty, yet urban but feels really open. Really expensive too! The rent is crazy! There's tons of traffic and parking is pretty much non-existent. In fact, when you do park, it looks like it takes a lot of skill because of the diagonal you have to pull in at. We decided to stay at a hotel for the parking issue. A lot of the airbnb's we looked at didn't provide parking. 

We stayed at The Chancellor Hotel which was located in Union Sq. It was a cute, boutique hotel. When we arrived, we were totally over-whelmed. How do we combat this city? For some reason, we just couldn't comprehend the layout and I knew I wanted to learn more. We spent the first night walking through Chinatown (which the history and culture is fascinating!) and ate at a delicious place called House of NanKing. A totally non-frills place, with a waitstaff with no personality, but the food was so good. We both had noodle dishes. 

We then spent the night at the Exploratorium which was a hands on museum at the pier. It was awesome because on Thursday night's they are open late for adults only. YES!

We played with lots of exhibits and even made some cool art!

The night ended with wine at the hotel bar and discussion of how to handle the next day. I found The Real SF Tour and booked us. 

>Oh, and we had a dance party to the awesome hotel menu music on the tv.<


This tour was AWESOME! We met at 9:30am and was with our guide until about 5pm. It was a long day and he took us to 11 different neighborhoods. We explored by foot and public transportation. (It was my second time in SF and I still didn't get to ride a cable car! We were supposed to on the tour, but the line was broken.) Our guide was Chris. He was the owner and starter of this tour company. He was very knowledgeable and had a love and passion for his city. I highly recommend this tour.