Backwoods to Bouge'

We spent two days back to back in two very different elements. We spent one night just outside the Redwoods in Maitreya Mountain Village. (The second night was spent in Napa in a luxurious house. )The village is beautiful. It is totally off the grid. No cell service, no electricity, no running water (except from a gravity fed stream) and they use compost toilets. The drive up was a rocky one. We stayed in an A-Frame cabin that was so tiny, yet cozy.

We met some awesome people and spent the night hanging out with Rich, who just started working there, and this guy Mark. Mark is an artist who was also on a road trip stopping at different points for inspiration.

My favorite part about the village ….KITTENS! There were two tiny kittens. They just were brought to the village and they kept them in the bath house away from their dogs.  Ugh, there is nothing like a little baby cat.


I am not going to lie, I had trouble sleeping. I just felt really itchy and couldn’t get out of my own head and would flinch at little sounds I heard. I also had to pee really bad around 2am. Here’s what happened:

2am rolls around and typical me, I have to pee. The bath house wasn’t a far walk, but all the dogs in the village sleep outside of it and I didn’t want to wake them up. There were orange buckets provided for bathroom use outside of our cabin. I bought a GoGirl. (It’s pretty much a funnel for us ladies to use to make peeing easier) YEAH, EXCEPT I DEFINTELY SHOULD HAVE PRACTICED MORE. So, I get my funnel and stand outside and it’s really awkward, for me anyway, to pee standing it takes a little while to get it going..then IT DRIPPED. All down my legs in my leggings, and undies.

I go back in the cabin with wet pants and had to put them dirty drawers in a plastic bag of  what I named “the urine bag” (that chilled in the trunk for days)

6:30am came and I woke Ant up and told him I am not pooping in a bucket and that it was time to leave. (to be fair, the plan was to leave early anyway since we had to head to Napa.)