A good ol crapper..

If you visit Seattle, I highly recommend doing the Underground City Tour. Seattle’s history is fascinating. Our tour guide was animated, charismatic and so knowledgeable. (and lot’s of poop jokes!)

 one of the first crappers in seattle..

one of the first crappers in seattle..


After the tour, we decided to go to the Pacific Science Center. I really wanted to go here because I saw through the glass of the building..a GIANT set of chairs and a table. I am fascinated by larger than life objects – sup’ Ant ;)…as well as really, really tiny things – sup’ Ant ;).


The museum was cool. We saw a laser show set to Daft Punk. It reminded me of Freaks&Geeks when they go to the laser dome. We also saw butterflies, an exhibit called Grossology..and of course the giant table and chairs.

We ended the day with dinner and some of Washington's finest special snacks ;)