Our AirBnb was located in the neighborhood of Mount Baker. It was less than 10 minutes away from the LightRail Station which is part of their public transportation. It’s so nice, easy, cheap, and clean! We got off at the Westlake stop and made our way to Pike Place Market.

Pike Place = Sensory Overload.


This market is ah-mazing…BUT there is SO much going on, too much really. Ant and I arrived hungry and wanting coffee. It was not a good way to arrive to some place that is insane. We stumbled upon Storyville Coffee Company which was on the second floor and it was quiet and delicious. It was the perfect spot to gather our thoughts and prepare ourselves on how we were going to destroy – I mean tackle the market.


AirBnB also gave us a gift card via giftly to use at the market for our honeymoon which was a nice surprise. We used it on yummy food in the market.

Pike Place Market has the most wonderful produce, fresh fish,  (yes, they throw it!), desserts and FLOWERS. The bouquets of flowers are so gorgeous and CHEAP. Huge bundles for $10-$15. I am dreaming of the flowers.

There are also a lot of pigs! You can spot them all over the market. I loved seeing them.

We also checked out the infamous Gum Wall.

 yay gum wall!

yay gum wall!

 Gum Wall

Gum Wall

Later in the day, we met up with Charlotte! We both went to HS with her and it was so cool to see her. She basically forced us to climb this huge mountainous hill, (im talking about with whips and all) Just kidding about the whips and the forcing but the hill was huge but it took us to an amazing view point of the city and we walked around and caught up. We also go to see where she lives and her amazing rooftop. She absolutely loves Seattle and I love her enthusiasm for the city.


After we finished with Charlotte, we made our way up the Space Needle. We’re tourists after all, and the views were pretty. 

(gotta love the cheesy space needle pics!)