Xenotes Oasis Maya!

I had to add an "!" because this was my favorite day of the trip. If you are going to visit Cancun, please do this tour. The tour consists of  visiting four different centotes, which are sinkholes. Each cenote is based on the four Alux's, fire, earth, water and wind. It is so exciting, fun, and intimate. We were part of a tour of 12 or 13 people and was led by our amazing tour guide, Pedro..AND a photographer who captured the day. Pedro did all of the excursions with us, which was really cool. What I liked most about this excursion was that I had no idea what we were doing at all. We would arrive at the locations, and were thrown into the adventure. We weren't given time to think.

We visited Lu'um (earth), cenote first. This was a cave cenote. We were lowered into it and then got to jump off the high platforms. 

Next up was Iik' (wind). Here we zip-lined. Please enjoy the amazing facial expressions of Timb.

Ha'Alux (water): we snorkeled but it was really cloudy so we didn't see any catfish. When we finished that, we kayaked.

K'aak' (fire) was our last cenote. We went down a water slide, zip lined, swam and then we got to jump!


This is officially my last post of our amazing honeymoon and summer.