hey blog,


what is up?! happy 2015. yada yada.

it's a snowy morning and i am home. i started going through my Photo Booth app on my mac, and just found all these old pictures. they're not even super old..maybe 2 or 3 years. i wanted to post about this though, because i look back at these and think "wow, i really like my hair..or my skin looked great!" i remember back then, i would complain about my hair..or i fixated on my skin SO MUCH..and honestly, i looked pretty good. has anyone else noticed that they're aging...even if it's only been a couple of years.

i definitely look different today, than i did a couple of years ago. i can't really tell you what is different...but i do. last month, i had A LOT of time to myself..and i was just staring at my face shape in the mirror thinking " WHY DO I LOOK WEIRD AND DIFFERENT." (it's what happens when you're a pet-sitter...you have A LOT of ME time) i even started asking Ant if i looked different. he laughed. (as per usssssual)

i write all these entries for myself..so i guess when i read this in the future..to remember to appreciate myself at my current state. i'm sure when i turn 30, i will look back to selfies taken this year and be like "YOU LOOK AWESOME."





2014 was really an awesome year. It was actually one of the best ones yet for me. I feel like I had a lot of personal growth and came to a lot of conclusions. Like any year, there were ups & downs..but I am grateful for the downs. They put things into perspective and make you question what matters, what doesn't, and how to move forward. I've let a lot of things go and have welcomed acceptance.

I love doing my year end wrap ups. It is nice to look back and see what I have really done and achieved. 




I remember January really clearly. I started the year off sick...and we got lots of snow. There were three shows that I became obsessed with. Downton Abbey, Episodes & Opposite Words on Syfy. I also signed up for acting classes...and broke vegetarianism on salmon. This was HUGE for me. It took me awhile to get used to eating it too. This brought on salmon nights with my Tenio ladies. They prepared it delicious ways.


I attended my first acting class. While driving to every class I also would ask myself "WHY AM I DOING THIS?!" But, I always felt good that I challenged myself. Our friends Matt & Caitie got married. They had the most magical wedding, with all Harry Potter accents. I also discovered cat iPad games..we had fun with those.


 mmmm chocolate paired with wine..

mmmm chocolate paired with wine..

Birthday month! I turned big ol 27. I felt really good about it too. On my actual birthday, I drank GF dogfish head beer and made Sam watch The OC with me. Ant got me sweet tattly tattoos and we went wine tasting.


We finally started to experience warmer weather. Liss had just turned 25 so Sam, Ingy and I took her wine tasting. It was one of the best/funniest days of the year. This is also the month that I really got into pet photography and photographed so many adorable pets. 

It is also the month that Ant, Jamo and I got the emails that we were accepted into the volunteer program for ATX festival. This was SO EXCITING.


We celebrated Sam's 25th with a fun house party. Donnie & Jackie got married and I tried shrimp for the first time. I saw Chelsea Peretti in nyc with Jamo. Kaela and I took an awesome terrarium class<3

Memorial Day had such beautiful weather and it was the first bocce ball game of the season. (sadly, we barely played this summer) :( 

This month was also totally awesome because my buddies, Dan & Jason & I started a production company! Low Tide Productions was born. 


 ew foot piccc

ew foot piccc

The month started with going to Austin and experiencing one of the greatest trips of my life. Jamo, Ant & I had so much fun, you can read about it here.

Ant & I celebrated 6 years! We celebrated with a yum dinner and drinks in Huntington.

My guilty pleasure of Big Brother had returned to my life. OBSESSED.

Krista & I decided to get spontaneous tattoos. 


2014 continued..

2014 continued..


This was probably the biggest month of the year for two reasons. 1: we got the news that we were able to move out in August. 2: I took on one of the hardest/saddest pet-sitting jobs of my life. I should also mention that on top of these two things, I had a pet-sitting job every.single.day of the summer. It was insane. This difficult job was just to help this woman while she went into the hospital for a surgery..and I had to take care of her 6 cats. She never returned. She was in such bad shape she never returned home..and ended up in a facility. Not to mention, her house was in terrible shape, and not a clean environment for anyone or thing to live in. I took care of those cats every day and now was faced with trying to get them homes and looking for shelters. This was the hardest struggle of my year. There were days where I couldn't do anything but cry. I felt so lost with trying to get these cats homes. Her family was busy helping her..so I was the only one who cared for these guys. At the time though..I didn't realize this was going to be such a struggle. 

But there were happier moments..

I went to the beach a couple of times..only one of them did I actually wear a bathing suit and got such bad sunburn. I became a fan of going in the morning with Ant and drinking coffee. I usually did this before/after a morning petsitting job. 

I also started watching The League..which is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I also started The Sopranos. LIFE CHANGING. BEST TV SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. 


 first day

first day

 first costco shop

first costco shop

We.moved.out. omgomgomg. this day actually came. i was so excited/still am! MY OWN SPACE AND IT'S NICE. AND IT HAS A DISHWASHER. AND PET-FRIENDLY. AND MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO LIVE ABOVE US?!

pretty damn sweet and i'm pretty damn lucky. what a feeling of coming HOME to your best friend and your pets? So many people had "advice" to give..and how it's going to be weird living with a "guy" and how transitioning is tough. NOPE. NADA. experienced nothing like that..and living with Ant isn't weird at all actually. We had so much fun shopping and decorating. I was looking back on pictures of it today..and it was so empty and now it's filled with wonderful things that make it our home. This really is what it's all about. 

I also got to be a part of a flash mob this month! It was for a very special boy's birthday. You can check it out here.

This month was also the start of me having shooting pet portfolio sessions in the studio at work. I got a lot of good practice and took some awesome pics.



 i ate a shit ton of garlic and all i got was this t-shirt

i ate a shit ton of garlic and all i got was this t-shirt

The first weekend of this month we celebrated Ingrid's birthday with wine tasting and I also took my first calligraphy class with Kaela. It was also the month that we did our first Fantasy Football league. I was really, really into it...and then I had the worst luck ever and didn't do so well. It was fun though, and made me kind of like football ;)

Ant was in a garlic eating contest...so there's that.

WE ALSO FINALLY BOOKED OUR WEDDING. What a damn relief. I pitched to Ant the idea of having a small dinner for our celebration and using the money to travel instead. He agreed! Yippeeeeeee! June 26th 2015 I will be wifed up. 


October is usually my favorite month. I love Halloween and the Fall season. However, this particular year I was so burnt out. I was pet-sitting a ton and still trying to get those cats a home. The woman who owned the cats was able to take one of them. I delivered her cat to her, and the kicker was..she didn't even know the cat was hers. She didn't even remember what cats she had left at home. I will never forget that feeling of what I felt after she said that. Here I am fighting for these cats..and she didn't even remember who I was. Her family really didn't care about their lives either. Ant's parent's adopted one of them. My mom took one, and Liam,(my cat from home) moved in with us. I also traveled to Pittsburgh to deliver one.

Krista called me one day and I pick up and she says "Are you sitting down?!" Which I always take this as she's preggo or got a new bunny. She began to tell me how her friend, Joy was interested in the youngest of the bunch, a beautiful black bobtail named Suki. She was so excited and she lives in Indiana but she was visiting family in the burgh area. I was happy and that weekend we drove to PA to deliver lil Suki. What a wonderful cat. she sat on my lap and purred the whole way. Joy was the sweetest person. I am so grateful for her and wanting and loving Suki.  

I did throw my annual ruby-hallowpalooza. It was a good time. 

I also said good-bye to The Crushed Olive.



 espresso in italy

espresso in italy

November finally came! THIS MONTH WAS DISNEY WORLD MONTH. It also was the end of the long journey with taking care of the cats. I found a wonderful cat rescue in NYC that strictly deals with seniors. This woman was the most helpful person I talked to in the rescue world. The weekend before I left for Disney, we drove to NYC and delivered Smokey to her. Check out her rescue. There needs to be more senior cat rescues and more people interested in adopting adult cats.  

I was SO ready for this trip. Sam graduated with her masters in May and her wish was to go to Disney World. Wish granted! 

Ant and I had the BEST BEST time. I laughed, and had fun, and ate such good food. Disney is such a magical place. There were legit times where I teared up looking at the castle or the fireworks.



 lol my stocking is so full...and i spot a liam ;)

lol my stocking is so full...and i spot a liam ;)

The holidays were really fun..especially since we celebrated them for the first time in our apartment. We got our own tree and did a fun Chrismukkah card. Ant celebrated his 26th birthday and Sam threw her annual cookie party. Krista and I celebrated our 4th late Christmas eve together. This year we decided to play Sims.

I also have to mention Serial. This was a pretty big obsession of the month.

As I sit here on NYE, I can only really reflect on 2014 and just toast to it. It really was a great year. One of the bests in awhile..and as always, I welcome the New Year with open arms. Tonight I will celebrate with friends and eat some delicious truffle gouda cheese. (pretentious, much?)


meet ellie (grey) & gus. they were adopted by my sister's friend, annie.

these two are brother & sister & just adorable. i enjoyed playing with and photographing them. the first time i met them, anthony came with me. we went over to annie's house and ant played the opening scene from lion king on his phone. he put down the phone and ellie plopped and watched the entire scene. IT WAS TOO CUTE. 





guys...i have to be honest.


i was never a poodle fan. i'm attracted to those smush-face, snorting' dogs. you know, pugs, boston terriers..french bulldogs. however, this little poodle has stole my heart. ms. autumn...or as ant  (and everyone now) calls her autumn brown. i pet-sat for her this past week and brought her to work to meet steph. steph has always wanted an apricot poodle and she fell in love with her. i hope you enjoy ms. autumn brown's cuteness...oh and she's only 9 months old.


last week i had the pleasure of taking care of the dream team. do you know what a dream team consists of?! a cat & a rabbit. this rabbit is a lop and her owners call her a "helicop lop" because one ear sticks up and one goes straight out. i loved spending my time with this bunnah and her sister, roxy. roxy will of course get her own post. duh!



i listen to a lot of podcasts, but one of my favorites is The Writer's Panel on the Nerdist network. it's moderated by ben blacker and it features panels of writers, comics, directors, show runners and they discuss different shows, writing topics the industry etc. so, when i was listening to an episode back in november i heard him mention the atx television festival. i never heard of it before and so i googled it. i was instantly in love. there seems to be festivals for everything but this was the first tv festival..and i am a lover of television. i knew i had to attend. at the time, jamo and i were writing and collaborating on different ideas and we were going to enter their pitch competition. yes. that is right. you submit your idea for a tv show and if you are picked to be in the final 10 you get to present your idea to the panel at the festival. super cool! well, we didn't quite come up with a solid idea, so i suggested we sign up to volunteer. ant was in too. we filled out the application in february and anxiously awaited to hear back. volunteering meant that if you were chosen, you got to attend the festival for free and just had to work 4 shifts. no. big deal. 

at first, if we didn't get into the program we were going to go anyway. but, we all were tight on money so we decided we would only go if we got chosen as volunteers.....wellllll, in the beginning of april, we all got the email that we were chosen!

i was so excited. 

i was so excited for SO many reasons. 1. to attend this festival. 2. to visit austin. 3. A CHANGE OF SCENERY.

we booked our trip for june 4th-8th.

it was one of the best weekends of my life. i loved every minute of it.. (except for that my feet blew up! they were huge) the shifts were awesome, the other volunteers were awesome, the staff could not have been nicer, we partied, we ate good food and mingled with some great actors. oh, and of course attended panels and viewings..like the premiere of Legends and an episode of Fargo, A  Conversation with Carlton Cuse, Pairing Off: A Look at Co-Creating and Writing Partners that featured Ray Romano,/Mike Royce, Emily Helpern, Kerry Ehrin and Andy Daly. #SpoilerAlert was presented by Netflix. The panel discussed how dealing with spoilers effects how we watch TV. That also had an awesome panel: Uzo Aduba, Beau Willimon, Nick Wechsler, Kerry Ehrin, Tim Goodman and Eric Pallotta. 


it was also so inspiring. the festival was started by two young women. the festival's staff was also primarily women. you just felt like you were in a creative, positive environment. something that i've been craving. 

i can't wait for next year!